This post started out as a ‘part 2’ of my previous post, ‘Less is more’, however, it then took on a life of it’s own.

So, I’m decluttering and packing up stuff, at the moment, it’s an overwhelming process, but also satisfying! It has given me a chance, to revisit some of my products, on my colour shelf, that I have had, since I started getting into mixed media at least 15 years ago.

I’m talking, ‘Tattered Angels, Glimmer Mists’ and ‘Smooch Spritz’, shimmer sprays. Then there were some newer comers, ‘Heidi Swapp, Colour Shine’ and Dylusions shimmer sprays and Mica sprays. I also have sprays and powders, from ‘Lindy’s Gang’, all amongst the plethora of other coloured sprays, like Ranger Oxide sprays, Dylusions sprays and the spray stains.

Ink spray bottles for blog body

These older gems had been overshadowed for years, by all the new kids on the block, on my shelf. Well, it was time to sort through them all, as it was time to pull my shelf down.

Then I turned this, into a creative session

I started the process of elimination, by pulling out all the near empty bottles. A lot of the spray bottles didn’t work, so I made a few different groups. I found a few double ups, so poured them into one bottle, where I could!

To turn this into a creative session and to use up all these, ‘too good to waste’, colours, I grabbed a few different art journals, some card stock, off cuts, large tags and some other mixed media backgrounds. I also grabbed a few paint palettes, stencils, brushes and water.

I used up the inks, in the bottles that would still spray, first, then from the bottles that didn’t spray, I poured the contents into the palettes and used them with a large soft paint brush or a sponge.

Art journal page with brown sugar smooch spritz art journal page with ink and stenciling

Art journal page with Emerald Smooch SpritzAssorted mixed media backgrounds






First layers for future projects

In the images above, the brown, art journal spread, was Brown Sugar, Smooch Spritz, painted with a large brush. You can’t see in the image, but it has a lovely toffee, sheen to it. I then used some Emerald, Smooch Spritz and a stencil and sponged over the top of the Brown Sugar. This page is now prepped ready for a few more layers of mixed media.

The green, painted, art journal spread, was the Smooch Spritz, in the Emerald. I now remember why I loved these mists so much. Have a look at that gold sheen, in the green, when I tilt the page to the light!

For the tags and smaller mixed media substrates above, I mainly used the mists, from a palette, with a sponge to apply through stencils. The cardstock with the black squares, was previously made when I did a similar excercise, with my old, ink pads. It’s just a small ink pad, dabbed directly onto the card. Then I used one of the small lids from a Smooch Spritz bottle and gold mist, to stamp circles over the top.

Art journal spread with spray inks

In the image above, I used a green, spray mist, over some masks, then turned the wet masks over and stamped the remaining colour onto the page. When that was dry, I sprayed another colour over the top, through a stencil. I quite like this page as it is, but it will eventually have more layers!

Creating art from the backgrounds

I have made a few small artworks from these first few layers and there will be more to come! For this post I chose to highlight the mixed media, tags I made.

In my drawer, full of random things to use on my mixed media projects, I have some napkins, which were used, to mop up left over paint or ink, in my art journals. Using the same, ‘Use it or Lose it’, approach, I thought, why not use up those aswell! I wanted to break up the colour of the background, so tore some strips of the napkin and used gel medium to apply. I love this technique, they become transparent when dry and add a subtle layer to your projects.

coloured napkin and tag for blog 2 mixed media tags for blog post

When dry, I added a stamping layer to the tags, using black Archival Ink, then used some black, Dylusions, spray ink, through a stencil, for another layer.

mixed media tags with black stenciling for blog

close up of mixed media tag for blog post ART tag for blog post embrace strength, mixed media tag for blog

To build up the remaining layers on the tags, I used patterned paper pieces, stamped tissue paper, texture paste & a stencil, cheesecloth, flowers, leaves and stamped images.

It’s amazing what can develop, from a simple decluttering session with old products. It felt good to empty those old bottles and revisit the different mediums and colours. I hope I have encouraged you to take a look at those old sprays, sitting on your shelf and Use it or Lose it!






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