How I Ditch the overwhelm!

This year, I have been de-cluttering my craft space and taking a less is more approach, to ditch the overwhelm. There are a few reasons I’ve been doing this. One of them being, that like most seasoned crafters and makers, I have way too much stuff! There are pros and cons to this!

The pros:

  • you nearly always have what you need, to create something you want
  • when taking classes, you can substitute what the tutor is using, for something in your hefty stash
  • you can stand back and admire all the pretty things!

The cons:

  • you run out of storage space
  • you feel overwhelmed and cluttered, in your creative space
  • your creativity and mojo suffers
  • you stand back and feel overwhelmed by all the pretty things!

It’s amazing what you can create, with minimal supplies!

So, with that said, I decided to pack away a lot of stuff! Mainly my patterned papers and UFO’s (unfinished objects). The patterned papers were a biggie for me! I have so many and I hardly ever use them! I still love to scrapbook, but I don’t do it as often anymore due to running out of storage space for my albums. My go to supplies are white card, in all sizes, stamps, inks, stencils and other mixed media supplies. I kind of like making my own mixed media backgrounds, therefore, those lovely scrapbook papers, were feeling unloved. (Which is ironic really as I love them all, and often find it hard to cut them up!!!) Now, once I started the de-cluttering process, I managed to get lots done! Not just art, but a lot of tech stuff I have been learning. I had space, I felt less overwhelmed.

Backgrounds and embellishments pieced together for blog post

And the point is?

The point of this blog post is, that I find it a lot easier at times, if I create with minimal supplies and things that are left over from other projects. Instead of pulling out a million and one supplies. I keep a container or a tin, with lots of bits and pieces, like: die cuts, stamped images, stamped images I’ve coloured, words and quotes, things I have received in the mail from other crafters. Then, I have a starting base, for those moments when I just need to create something quick and without the overwhelm.

The other thing I do, is leave some of those bits and pieces on my desk, along with mixed media backgrounds I have made for some reason or other. When something catches my eye, on my desk, I might team it up with another little something, that’s on the desk and over the course of a few days/ weeks, I start placing the bits together and seeing what goes and what doesn’t. It’s amazing how satisfying this is, although I’m not actually crafting, I am preparing to receive the mojo!!!  When I find a little time, I just grab a few stamps and sit with the cute little, bits and pieces, one at a time and start to create, (without the overwhelm). Sometimes things take a bit more shuffling around to work, but then the mojo sneaks in and I will know what tool or medium I need to compliment the bits and pieces.

And then I make some art!

Painted with Kaszazz Metallic paint pans, find them here

Just like that, I created a few small pieces of art. These 3 even have a theme, as I used some leaf stems that I had previously stamped, on watercolour paper and coloured with metallic watercolour paints. I was testing out the paints, so the pretty stems just sat around for awhile for me to admire them. I just didn’t know what I had planned for them and I didn’t want to put any pressure on myself to use them straight away.




tag image for blog post          Bird birthday card image for blog postGift card close up image for blog post

I do hope that you will give this a try, if you are feeling overwhelmed by too much stuff! I would love you to comment and tell me if this is something that you do too or what other ways do you find, to reduce the overwhelm and get the mojo happening??



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