Alcohol Ink Pearls on Yupo Paper

I’ve dabbled in Alcohol inks a little, but was itching to get my hands on some of the Alcohol Ink Pearls. They looked so good. At a recent weekend retreat, I got hold of some, and tested them out. I had some A5 Yupo paper in my stash, and I made a few backgrounds in different ways. OMG, Alcohol Ink Pearls on Yupo Paper, totally rocks! I think I may be hooked.

two A5 alcohol ink backgrounds with bottles of inks   Supplies of Yupo paper and alcohol inks

In case you don’t know, Yupo is a recyclable, waterproof, tree-free, synthetic paper. It’s super smooth, holds ink beautifully, is waterproof, wipes clean and will not tear! It is amazing to work with.

The first background was made while the Yupo was laying flat. I got a little creative for the next one and leaned it up against a glass jar, so I could run the pearl inks and blending solution, down the front of it. You can see the process for this one in my first video below!


Before you start playing with Alcohol inks and especially Blending Solution, you need to know that they are very potent. If you are using inside, make sure you have a window open or at least wear a mask. There are different types of blending solutions, to help make your alcohol inks go further and some can be more potent than others. If you are using the Pinata Colour extender or similar, you should never use it in a spray bottle.

I choose to work outside when I can, and have gloves and a mask at the ready, just in case and I use a pipette to add the blending solution which is mess free.

The set up you need before using alcohol inks

Check out the first video below to watch the process!


This was the final result after adding all the layers. I could’ve stopped a few times, but I was just experimenting.

A5 background made with Alcohol Ink Pearls

I had these backgrounds sitting on my desk for a few days, while I decided what I would do with them. I thought of making some cards, but decided if I cut them down to ATC size, (2.5″ x 3.5″), I could have lots of pretty backgrounds to decorate with mixed media.

Assorted ATC backgrounds made with Alcohol ink Pearls

Mark Making

Watch the second video to see how I added some marks to a few of the ATC backgrounds, with paint pens.


I still have several of the backgrounds at the ready for when I feel like doing some more mark making or something a little different. I love looking at them so much, that I am not in a hurry to do anything with them. Here are the two I showed in the video. The final image is of a completed, mixed media ATC, which I added paint marks to, some torn patterned paper and some fussy cut stamped images.

Complete ATC made from Alcohol Ink Pearls and mixed media   


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